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Level 2 Software

All Level 1 software plus The Expensive Stuff

These software packages cost several thousand dollars per year for a single license. With a Level 2 membership, you can access these software packages at a significant savings over purchasing an individual license.

Level 2 Software
Schrodinger Modeling Software
Ingenuity Pathway Analysis
GeneSpring Microarray Analysis
Accelrys Pipeline Pilot
Volocity Confocal Image Analysis
Imaris Confocal Image Analysis (Beckman Center Only)
Nonlinear Progenesis 2D Gel Analysis
Partek Genomics Suite
Geneious Server-NextGen Analysis
Golden Helix Genomics Analysis
Partek Flow
PEAKS Mass Spec Analysis
Mascot Mass Spec Analysis
National Instruments LabView

Last Updated: 09/02/2014